Anne-Lise Beaumont, a medical student at the Sorbonne University, has earned first place in the ECN: the 2017 national rankings. It is this ranking that determines the university hospital assignment of each student to do their internship. Before landing first place, Anne-Lise had taken an academic program that was just like her: both exciting and daring.

Anne-Lise began her medical studies in Tours, her hometown, after a scientific baccalaureate obtained with honors and congratulations from the jury. Unsurprisingly, she passed her competitive first year of medicine on the first try and decided in the second year to enrich her career by applying for a place at the Inserm Liliane Bettancourt School, which she received. She followed the dual course of medicine and science in parallel with her second and third year. Very interested in neurosciences, she decided, after successfully finishing the first year of her master’s, to give herself a break year to do her second-year master’s specialty in Integrative Biology and Physiology Neuroscience. The young woman always kept in mind the desire to finish her medical studies but in this master’s specialty, she saw the opportunity to open more and more horizons and devote time to research, an activity that fascinates her.

In her sixth year of medicine at Sorbonne University, when she was preparing diligently for the ECNs which determine the future specialization in medicine, she said, "It's a difficult year, a very difficult one, where we're just reviewing. The context was also destabilizing.”

Two tests were canceled and postponed, enough to add to the stress of this student who is focusing on a specialization in infectious diseases. Fatigue did not stop her motivation and seriousness, and the young woman managed to finish the race in the lead.

Humble and discreet, Anne-Lise does not think she is a more talented student than others but only that she has benefited from a perfect mix between "Work, passion, and luck. It always takes a little!"

Of course, we doubt that she’ll need much luck. Her future in medicine seems assured.


Updated on 26 OCT 2018