Sorbonne University is an institution of knowledge, attentive to the great challenges of contemporary society and engaged with the world around it. As a public and research-intensive institution, Sorbonne University aspires to both strive for excellence and guarantee equality of opportunity.

From its foundation in the centuries-long history of the Sorbonne, it has built an original model of governance and organization: its three faculties will have a large degree of autonomy to allow each of them to meet the scientific challenges of the 21st century.

The research emerging from Sorbonne University’s laboratories is both fundamental and applied, free and collaborative. To be of greater service to society, the university is committed to innovation through the development of technology transfer. Invested in the future of its students, Sorbonne University sets out to provide them with a solid body of knowledge and the required skills that will help turn them into the seasoned professionals of tomorrow. For this purpose it proposes a gradual orientation to their studies, as well as multidisciplinary and diversified degree programs adapted to the goals of each individual. 

Finally, it is Sorbonne University’s ambition to be an influential university both in Europe and around the world, contributing to the public debate in matters of academics, higher education and research.

Updated on 25 JAN 2018