Sorbonne University Alliance: Ten Partners for a Shared Vision

The Sorbonne University Association includes 6 members across the disciplinary fields of the Arts, Humanities, Medicine, Science, Engineering, Technology, and Management.

The 6 members of the Sorbonne University Alliance

The national research organisations that are also part of the Initiative of Excellence SUPER :

  • CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research)
  • Inserm (National Institute for Health and Medical Research)
  • INRI (French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Animation)
  • IRD (Institute of Development Research)

Consult the statues of the Sorbonne University Alliance

An allaince for All Types of Knowledge

The diversity of the members of the Sorbonne University Alliance favors a global approach to education and research. It promotes equal access to knowledge and develops numerous shared programs and projects in primary, continuous and lifelong education in all disciplines, in research and innovation, and in the development of their results and circulation.

This shared vision of a campus for all types of knowledge has been supported by the French State since 2012 in the frame of the IDEX (Initiatives of Excellence) funding program. In 2012, the “SUPER” project (Sorbonne University in Paris for Education and Research) was among the winners.

Updated on 02 JUL 2018