• Conference
  • Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital - Institute of Myology - Babinski Pavilion, 91 boulevard de l'hôpital - 75013 Paris
  • Étienne Klein, Research Director at CEA and Doctor of Philosophy of Science

  • Yves Agid, neurologist, university professor, hospital practitioner at Pitié-Salpêtrière


The Working Group on Applied Ethics of the Institute of Myology proposes this conference as part of its Ethics Meetings at the Institute of Myology.

At a time when the effectiveness of new techniques of cell therapies, genomics, biotechnological engineering or artificial intelligence are being demonstrated within our institute, it is important to redefine the notion of progress and to ask if it is necessary: what progress, for whom and under what conditions. In our scientific and medical environment, the obligation to innovate is necessary both to break with traditional approaches to medicine and the life sciences that underlie it, but also to respond to the pressures of current policy. Examining this concept of progress and its perspective, in our professional context and more widely in our time, is of the greatest interest to think about our future as researchers, clinicians, engineers and citizens.

> Free registration required (limited space available)