31 OCT 2019

The 4EU + Alliance is one of the consortia selected for funding under the first pilot "European Universities" call for proposals supported by the Erasmus + 2019 program. Of the 54 proposals submitted in response to the call, the Directorate General of the European Commissionon Education and Culture has selected seventeen European university alliances, which will receive funding for their projects to become the "European universities of the future."

L'Alliance 4EU+ fait partie des consortiums sélectionnés pour un financement dans le cadre du premier appel à propositions pilote "Universités européennes" porté par le programme Erasmus+ 2019.

"The selection of the Alliance 4EU +," says Jean Chambaz, president of Sorbonne University, "encourages us to continue building the Alliance as a global platform for free movement of students, academic-researchers, researchers and staff. The 4EU+ will promote working together to develop ideas including education, research and innovation to better meet the challenges Europe faces today and in the future"

In recent months, more than 20 meetings and project workshops have involved staff and students from member institutions in building the Alliance. The projects that have been implemented are designed to address real societal challenges such as; the "4EU + against cancer" project, which aims to create a common educational program in cancer medicine. Another project, "Smart cities for Aging Societies," brings together students and researchers from different disciplines to find solutions together to support aging populations in rapidly developing metropolitan environments.

About the 4EU + Alliance

The 4EU + European University Alliance brings together six, large, well-established, public universities that are interdisciplinary and research-intensive. The Alliance is based on a shared vision of a European university that upholds academic values, ensures equitable access to education, trains future generations of citizens and encourages open-mindedness and critical thinking, to better address collectively the global challenges.

A strong mobilization of administrative, management, training and research teams has already made it possible to identify more than a hundred common actions in four priority areas:

• Urban health and demographic change

• Europe in a changing world

• The transformation of science and society by data

• Biodiversity and sustainable development

No time to waste

Expectations are high for the selected alliances. Continued implementation of the ambitious projects of European Universities will consolidate their governance, management and communication. 4EU + members have the privilege and responsibility to participate in the "European Universities" pilot initiative, paving the way for other alliances. Thus, they commit to sharing their experience and practices as they continue to build an integrated university system, supported by associated partners and other governmental and non-governmental institutions that have endorsed the 4EU + project. The 4EU+ is aware of the challenges ahead and the Alliance has launched a call for applications for the recruitment of a Secretary General, who will take up his or her duties at the 4EU + office in Paris.

"We are pleased that the strength of our Alliance has been recognized. It shows the commitment of the six members in a shared transformation that is ambitious and realistic for our establishments, which started two years ago and whose first results we can already observe, "says Serge Fdida, Vice President International Development at Sorbonne University and coordinator of the 4EU + project.

In the aftermath of the announcement, 4EU + Alliance leaders have expressed their deep gratitude for the enthusiastic and energetic efforts of the academic staff of the six institutions, who worked hand-in-hand on the proposal and ensured that the activities of the Alliance continue after the submission of the proposal in February 2019.

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