"In applied math for computer science, there are 10 girls and 40 boys. These guys sometimes have trouble taking us seriously when you are a girl in this type of program."

But since the beginning of history, women have had a strong influence on the future of humanity even though they were underrepresented in the scientific field. These women managed to accomplish such feats as the discovery of the elliptical orbit of the Earth in the fourth century BC by Hypatie, or the invention of the first computer program in the 19th century by Ada Lovelace, or the discovery of the HIV virus in the 20th century by Françoise Barré-Sinoussi.

Despite changing attitudes, there are still many fewer women than men among science and engineering students.
This problem is also found at our University: women represent only 27% of our students in mathematics and computer science, and 34% in the physical chemistry sector.
Given the excellent success rate of our students, this gap is not only harmful for our entire society, but it is also a terrible injustice for those who, with better financial conditions and more encouragement, could have studied in the top university in France.

Faced with this situation, and to launch dozens of deserving young women on the road to success, the Sorbonne University Foundation decided to set up a specific scholarship program: Passports for Pluri'elle Sciences.

To fund this program and allow young women to become the best scientists of tomorrow, we need your support!

These 4-year scholarships are reserved for students who have obtained a first year of a Bachelor's degree with honors "Good" or "Very good", from modest backgrounds.

Thanks to her scholarship, the student can concentrate on her schooling without having to worry about financial constraints.

The amount per year per student is €7500, an amount easily achievable if 10 alumni from our university pledge by a donation of 750 €.

This is a wonderful message of hope that you will send to all young women who cannot engage in long scientific studies due to a lack of resources.

I want to contribute to this program !


Updated on 27 NOV 2018